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TE3.2 Advanced Trigger System
Gibraltar Rack and Hardware
Hart Professional 13" Dual Trigger Snare Drum with Positional Sensing.
Heavy-Duty rubber Rim Trim on all drums for quiet playing
Kontrol Screen Maxxum "silent mesh" drum heads (snare and kick)
Kontrol Screen Magnum "silent mesh" drum heads (toms)
Ecymbal II Bronze Metal cymbals with Brilliant finish (play on rubber for stealth or metal for exact acoustic feel)
Dual Trigger 12" Hi-Hat with positional sensing.
Ecymbal II 12" and 14" Crash Cymbals with positional sensing/choke.
Dual Trigger 16" Ride with positional sensing.
Cymbal Springs for Crash Cymbals and Ride.
Chrome Steel Rack Tubing.
Heavy-Duty Chrome "Road" series Clamps.
Riveted Hardware.
Heavy-Duty Snare Stand included.
Epedal II Hi-Hat Stand included.
Includes all cables.
Module mount for all modules included.
Bass drum pedal and Module not included.


Don't let your module inputs go to waste. Hart Dynamics brings to you our Hart Professional 7.5 drum set, proudly hand-crafted in the U.S.A. and the only drum set that will utilize every input in today's advanced drum modules. Every detail of his drum set represents the finest craftsmanship, highest quality, and most accurate and durable state-of-the-art triggering available. This one of a kind 7 piece electronic drum set features Hart Professional dual zone Hand Hammered Chrome drums with patented TE3.2 "mesh" head state-of-the-art trigger system and features a 13 inch snare with full positional sensing, an 8 inch tom, two 10 inch toms, two 12 inch floor toms, and our super solid heavy duty 13 inch bass drum. The snare and bass drum come with our new Kontrol Screen "Maxxum" mesh drum heads with our "Magnum" mesh heads on the Tom's. These drums feel as close to acoustic drums as it come, while maintaining low acoustic volume with our patented "mesh" head electronic drum trigger technology and heavy-duty removable rubber Rim Trim on all drums (except kick). For the hardware, Hart Dynamics has teamed up with Gibraltar to bring you the most beautiful, highest quality, heavy-duty rack system ever produced. This custom, all chrome super heavy-duty Hartware/Gibraltar Road Rack is sure to keep your drums and cymbals where you put them, while maintaining its beautiful appearance for many years to come. This kit also features our renowned Ecymbal II patented electronic cymbals. These cymbals feel exactly like acoustic cymbals because they are! Hart was the first company to bring you the electronic "acoustic" cymbal, and we continue to lead the way, bringing you the highest quality instrument with the most realist feel and triggering response without sacrificing durability. Our brilliant finish electronic cymbals allow you to play with all the nuance of acoustic cymbals without the excessive volume. The Hart Pro 7.5 kit comes with one 12 inch and 14 inch chokable crashes, 14 inch China, 16 inch dual zone Ride and a 12 inch dual zone (bow and edge) Hi-Hat on our exclusive heavy duty Epedal II electronic HH stand. Epedal II Hi-Hat stand features rotating base for use with double bass drum pedals. Snare drum stand is also included! This set comes with everything you need to Plug "n" Play right out of the box (even cables) with the controller or sound module of your choice. The Hart Pro 7.5 kit will provide the best electronic drumming experience you will find in a drum set, guaranteed.

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